Defense of Catastrophic Injury/Wrongful Death

The team of lawyers at The Law Firm of Janice M. Iati, P.C. are well versed in defending leading manufacturers and retailers, as well as insureds of insurance carriers in a wide swath of industries, against high stakes and potentially high visibility claims alleging catastrophic personal injuries.

We conduct the investigations on site, coordinate with OSHA regulators and investigators, call upon emergency medicine and trauma physicians, medical experts and study the medical records to further evaluate the situation, claim and build the defense.

We utilize experts in our data base related to product design, biomechanics, safety, and accident reconstruction as well as consult with injury causation experts to prepare the strongest trial-ready defense, minimize the plaintiff’s claims for damages based on alleged loss of earnings, as well as future medical and life care costs. We know how critical it is to uphold the reputations of our clients and mitigate potential interference from the media.

From our experience working as insurance defense counsel we understand the industry’s requirements, particularly the need to provide detailed and insightful litigation plans, early consideration of risk transfer opportunities, frequent communications and status reports, and accurate budgets that allow for appropriate setting of reserves. Experience includes defense of wrongful death matters as well as the following catastrophic injuries:
• Loss of limbs
• Traumatic brain injury
• Spinal cord or back injuries
• Burn injuries
• Paralysis

Representative Matters:
• Obtained a favorable outcome for our client, who was a driver for a national trucking company, when a pedestrian jumped out in front of his box truck and sustained a traumatic brain injury.

• Obtained a favorable outcome in a case where Plaintiff fell from a second story window and was paralyzed as a result. Multiple defendants, including our client, were sued. In addition, we were able to obtain the favorable outcome for our client prior to trial, which in turn saved our client legal fees and costs associated with a trial which would have lasted multiple weeks.

• Obtained a favorable outcome for a public utility company. We were able to identify an expert with specific knowledge of public utilities. This expert had intricate knowledge of various statutes and duties of utility companies in the regular course of their business, as well as after catastrophic accidents.

• Obtained summary judgment for our client who was the general contractor for a road construction project. A motor vehicle accident resulted in a fatality. We utilized a civil engineer expert to prove that co-defendant’s actions were the proximate cause of the accident.